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Have you been cleaning out your closet and drawers and piling up the jewellery you don’t wear? Are you tired of the chains tangled up in your jewellery box? Are you wondering what to do with that jewellery that’s been kicking around for ages? Maybe it’s time to sell your gold for cash in Coburg.

Beware of Gold Parties

We’ve all heard about the gold parties hosted in people’s homes in Coburg. A friend of a friend may have said something about how much money was made at the event, and you may be wondering if you could make cash on your gold too. Just be careful of the gold parties. Gold parties are designed to gather a group of friends together to socialise, eat, drink, and sell gold. They’re promoted by announcing that everyone leaves with cash. While this may be true, the guests don’t leave with near as much cash as they should. Let’s look at why.

Think about sales parties for kitchen items or toys that people hold in their home. The host always gets a portion of what’s sold in either product or cash. It’s no different for Gold Parties. A company recruits people to host the parties. The host invites all their friends, who bring their gold and sell it to the gold company. Problem number one: The host gets a cut of the cash before the money goes to you. That means less money in your pocket.

There are other problems with gold parties. For instance, you don’t know how accurate the scales are that this company uses. If the scale is off even slightly, that’s money out of your pocket. Another problem is that all your gold may be lumped into one pile when it’s weighed. Why is this bad? Because your gold can be different carats, which means if it’s all being weighed together, you are likely getting paid based on the lowest carat rather than each piece being assessed separately. That means less money for you as well.

These companies usually offer rock bottom prices. They count on the fact that a group of friends getting together for an evening of fun will trust each other. No one thinks to check out the company buying the gold and make sure they’re legitimate, or ensure the company is paying fair market value for your gold. Don’t let these companies take money away from you by giving the host a cut, weighing your gold incorrectly, or paying less than your gold’s value. Before you sell gold for cash in Coburg, make sure you use a reputable dealer.

Sell Your Gold for Cash in Coburg at Diamond Jim’s

Diamond Jim has been in business for 37 years. We built a reputation for honesty and fairness by always paying fair prices when customers sell their gold jewellery in Coburg. We value our clients in Coburg and take pride in our stellar customer service. You can trust our expertise when we evaluate your gold and feel comfortable knowing that we always pay the best price possible for what you sell.

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