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Getting married is a huge milestone in many people’s lives, but it takes a lot of preparation and effort to get there. Before you get married, you must plan the entire event—and that plan usually starts with becoming engaged. Proposals are far more than just a formality; they’re an occasion that should reflect the importance you place on your love. When it comes time to propose to your significant other, you should make sure that you do it in a way that truly lets them know how lucky you feel to be with them, and what you want each of you to mean to the other for the rest of your lives.

One of the most significant ways to show your true love how much they mean to you is by choosing the right engagement ring. At one point or another, we’ve all seen rings that take our breath away. Whether it comes down to the design, the size of the stone(s) inside, or the way it rests on a ring finger, a truly gorgeous engagement ring distinguishes itself from other pieces of jewellery in a very noticeable way. One of the ways in which impressive engagement rings often stand out from others isn’t as enviable, though: the cost. Sometimes, the price of a ring you’re drawn to can deter you from making a purchase, even if it would be the perfect symbol of your love. Fortunately, there’s a way for Preston residents to overcome that challenge without compromising on the quality of their rings: buy second hand engagement rings.

The Second Hand Solution

Shopping for engagement rings in Preston becomes infinitely easier when you open yourself up to the second hand market. The right dealers often have stocks of used engagement rings in excellent condition and will be staffed with skilled professionals who are adept at appraising their value. Shopping for used engagement rings in Preston allows you to access a market full of quality products at far more affordable prices than you might find elsewhere, making it an excellent way to increase your buying power when choosing a ring for your soulmate. What could be more romantic than that?

A Wide Selection of Second Hand Engagement Rings for Preston Residents

Preston citizens looking for beautiful and affordable engagement rings have been going to one second hand dealer for over 37 years: Diamond Jim, which operates out of a single store in the area. Diamond Jim is a small but careful operation that puts a great deal of work and an astounding level of detail into assessing and evaluating used rings. Size, clarity, colour and cut are all measured to arrive at a valuation, whether buying or selling from a client. Whether you’re looking for big diamonds, or something elegant and understated, it’s safe to say that Diamond Jim will be able to help you find the perfect engagement ring for your upcoming nuptials.

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