How to Shop in Thornbury for Second Hand Jewellery and Diamond Rings


Accessories might last for a season or two, but fine jewellery lasts a lifetime. That’s why shopping for second hand jewellery is such a smart idea. Some people insist on paying top dollar to buy brand new gold and diamonds, but when you consider the timelessness of these products such a policy doesn’t make sense. There’s no such thing as a “fresh diamond”, because diamonds don’t go bad! Consequently, there’s no point in paying extra for something just because it’s new if it keeps its quality over the years. This makes shopping for second hand diamond rings and other fine jewellery an intelligent way to acquire beautiful items without spending exorbitant amounts of money.

The best way to go about shopping for second hand jewellery is to locate a dealer that you can rely on to provide honest and accurate evaluations of each item they encounter. In Thornbury, second hand diamond rings and other products of this nature can be difficult to assess without the services of qualified and experienced professionals. As luck would have it though, at least one dealer is offering high quality second hand jewellery in the Thornbury area, and the company has been trusted for more than 37 years.

Diamond Jim buys, sells, and offers loans on a broad range of premium used jewellery, including second hand diamond rings. Thornbury residents have been coming to our shop in Preston for decades when they need to find beautiful engagement rings or other luxury pieces that they can purchase at economical prices. Our staff considers various factors when assessing any piece, including its size, clarity, colour and cut. We also provide a full money back guarantee to our shoppers, so that every customer can make purchasing decisions in a friendly and low-pressure environment. Spend less time worrying and more time admiring when you visit Diamond Jim.

Impeccable Second Hand Jewellery for Thornbury Shoppers

When you’re trying to find second hand jewellery that looks just as impressive as the day it first hit shelves, Diamond Jim can help. We keep our operation tightly focused and our products exclusive so that our clients can always trust us to carry high quality items. This also helps us attract buyers with desirable collections, making us one of the most highly sought-out dealers in the area. When you’re seeking that elusive combination of elegance and affordability, you’ll want to make Diamond Jim your first call.

Customer Service that Matches the Quality of Our Products

Diamond Jim provides more than beautiful jewellery—we also offer the respect and product knowledge that make shopping for your next ring or necklace a pleasure. When you contact Diamond Jim with an enquiry about the jewellery you’re looking for, we’ll quickly help you find something satisfying within your budget. Whether you’re looking for a big diamond or a simple set of gold earrings, you’re sure to experience excellent customer service in our hands. Call Diamond Jim today and find your next treasure.

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