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Gorgeous second-hand diamond rings in Melbourne for less? It seems impossible. Yet Diamond Jim, the premier second-hand jewellery shop in Melbourne for over 35 years, sells diamond rings for less every day. Diamonds are exquisite gems that hold their value and last for many generations. A pre-owned diamond ring can be a great way to get a better-quality diamond on a budget. We have wonderful, experienced and well-educated staff to help you choose the ring that’s right for you. The decision to buy a diamond needs to be well thought-out and deliberate. You want a professional to help guide you through the buying process and tell you everything there is to know about a piece. That’s why people come to Diamond Jim – for the individualised attention we give every customer and the tremendous knowledge base of our staff.

Melbourne Second Hand Diamond Rings: A Buyer’s Guide

Every diamond has its specific characteristics that combine to create its incredible beauty. Melbourne second-hand diamond rings from Diamond Jim are no exception. We evaluate each diamond for four essential qualities: colour, cut, clarity, and carat. Colour grading refers to clear diamonds only, pink and yellow and other tints have their own classification system. Colourless clear diamonds are hard to find but prized as they reflect the most light.

Cut refers to how the physical cut of the gem affects its visual beauty. Grades range from poor to excellent, with “poor” being reserved for dull-looking diamonds that do not reflect light upward. A grade of “excellent” is given to diamonds which reflect the maximum amount of light, creating incredible sparkle. The inner perfection of a diamond is called clarity. Inclusions – small imperfections inside the diamond itself – affect the diamond’s ability to reflect light well. Finally, the diamond’s weight (not size as is popularly believed) is measured in carats.

Each diamond will have its individual characteristics, and grading explained to you. You can even choose diamonds based on the qualities you want, and we’ll show you rings that match your selection. We offer the same personalised service whether you’re buying a new or a pre-owned diamond ring. Take advantage of our deep commitment to quality and care. One visit to our shop and you’ll understand why Diamond Jim is the best in the area.

A Second-Hand Jewellery Shop in Melbourne That You Can Trust

Diamond Jim has earned its reputation as a trustworthy and affordable second-hand jewellery shop in Melbourne. We know the industry well and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Let us make buying a beautiful piece of jewellery easy for you. We have a full selection of pre-owned diamond, gold and silver rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. We carry an excellent array of all sizes and types of opals as well. Our professional staff will tell you everything you need to know about the pieces that interest you.

For more information on our Melbourne second-hand jewellery shop, call us on (03) 9478 3328 . We guarantee you won’t regret it.

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