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Have you been hanging on to jewellery that you no longer wear? Maybe it’s in storage, or tangled in a drawer somewhere? Do you have mismatched earrings, broken chains and pendants, or rings that are too small? Gather it all together now because there are gold dealers in Heidelberg who will pay cash for your gold jewellery today.

Why You Can’t Trust “Gold Parties” or Mail in Companies

It’s tempting to take the easy route and simply put your gold jewellery into an envelope and send it in to a company. It may seem a hassle-free way to get rid of that stash of jewellery you haven’t worn in years, but is it the route you should take? Probably not. You don’t deal face to face with these brokers, so you have no idea how they operate. They could undercut the value of your merchandise on purpose, so they don’t have to pay you as much. This can be done through incorrect weighing or combining everything together and paying on the lowest carat, which means less money for you.

Gold dealers who have established a business through gold parties are another thing you want to steer clear of for sure. These buyers prey on people in Heidelberg by getting them to host parties for their friends where everyone brings their stash of unwanted gold jewellery to sell. It seems like a perfect scenario at first glance. Friends get to meet up, spend an evening together eating, drinking, and socialising, while at the same time everyone leaves with cold hard cash in their pocket, but it isn’t always so.

Most of these companies mislead guests on the value of their gold. It’s also standard practice to weigh all your items together and pay on the lowest carat when each item with a different carat should be evaluated separately to get a fair price. When attending one of these parties, you also end up giving a cut of what you would have made to the host.

Your best option in Heidelberg is to look for a dealer who buys gold jewellery. That way you see how they’re handling your jewellery and whether they’re weighing it individually and paying the value of the carat on each specific piece. You can also have the peace of mind knowing you are dealing face to face with someone rather than an unknown entity through the mail.

Select Gold Buyers in Heidelberg With a Solid Reputation

When choosing gold brokers in Heidelberg, be sure you are selecting one with a solid reputation of prompt, courteous, professional service. Diamond Jim has been in business for 37 years, and we take great pride in what we’ve built in our local community. Our customers know we are buyers they can trust. Our brokers always pay fair value when purchasing your gold and diamonds.

As trusted gold buyers in Heidelberg, we don’t just buy gold. We also are professional dealers in silver, diamonds, and opals. If you have any items you would like our team to assess, come in today and you will likely leave with cash.

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