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Did you recently have a relative give you a bunch of gold jewellery that you’ll never wear? Do you have a mess of gold chains in your jewellery box that you’ll never get untangled? There are several things you can do with all that jewellery just sitting around your home.

You could just leave it there or put it in storage, but that doesn’t seem like a great option since no one gets any use from it and nothing out of it. You could also give it away to friends. It’s a nice gesture, but will your friends wear it if you don’t? Why saddle them with all that extra jewellery you have now? They’ll just put it in a drawer and forget about it. The best thing to do with your gold jewellery is to sell it in Coburg. That way you make some money on it and de-clutter your drawers at the same time.

If you’re going to sell the jewellery, you’ll want to find gold buyers in Coburg. Don’t be tempted by billboard signs or advertisements on television that urge you to mail in your gold to brokers in return for cash. Sending your jewellery in takes the control away from you. You don’t see the company appraising it, you don’t know if it’s being weighed correctly, and these companies usually pay a fraction of what your gold is worth. Instead, look for a local gold dealer in Coburg you can trust.

Diamond Jim: Gold Dealers in Coburg

At Diamond Jim, we’ve been gold brokers in Coburg for 37 years. We know the business well, and we’ve built a solid reputation with our customers. Customer service is the key to our success. We are honest and fair buyers who care about how we treat people. You can rest assured when doing business with our team that you’ll receive friendly, efficient service from honest brokers.

We have 50 years of experience as precious metal dealers, and you can rely on our integrity and expertise. We always pay fairly for jewellery or alluvial gold and silver.

We Buy Diamonds Too

We don’t just buy gold from customers in Coburg. We also purchase diamonds, silver, and opals. Do you have a ring that no longer has any meaning to you? Maybe it’s from a former marriage or engagement and the ring sitting around the house is just a sad reminder. It only makes sense that you want to get rid of it. Just be sure you’re getting a reasonable amount.

Our team of buyers will carefully scrutinise the size, cut, colour, and clarity of all diamonds we purchase and subsequently put up for sale. We want to be your trusted dealers in gold and diamond jewellery, so we will always pay a fair price. We also make loans on gold and diamonds. If you happen to be looking to purchase a diamond ring or necklace, we have a broad range of sizes available. Just give us a call or come into the store and we can show you what we have available.

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