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Jewellery Buyers Melbourne

Have you been looking for a reputable and experienced buyer to sell your unused jewellery to? Do you want fast cash and fair prices for your valued possessions? Are you in need of a temporary loan that has generous repayment schedules and low interest rates? Your search is over thanks to the jewellery professionals at Diamond Jim. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide you with realistic valuations of your jewellery and then offer you instant cash for it.

Our expert jewellery buyers have helped countless Melbourne residents from across the city get real money for their valuables. Our team take great pride in our level of high-quality customer service and our affordable prices. At Diamond Jim we place the highest premium on operating a transparent business that meets the requirements of our customers.

While we can inspect and valuate a wide range of unique pieces of jewellery including engagement, wedding, and decorative rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, and piercings, we specialise in purchasing jewellery crafted from gold and silver and featuring precious jewels such as diamonds and opals.

Want to Sell your Jewellery?

At Diamond Jim it is our goal to deliver the best prices and repayment rates for our customers for their jewellery and valuables. Our attentive and professional team have personally inspected and valuated thousands of individual pieces of expensive and well-made jewellery. Once we have inspected the jewellery that you wish to sell we will then offer you an accurate and fair price for it based on current market values for the precious gems and metals that it is composed of.

Since 1980 the team at Diamond Jim have helped Melbourne residents from across the metro area receive money for the value of their possessions. To find out more why we should be your first choice when it comes time to consider selling your jewellery customers in Melbourne can call us today or message us on our Facebook page.

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